Capacity building programme on sustainable energy solutions in Groningen

Last week, around 25 policy makers and ministerial officers from developing countries and emerging economies as well as some representatives from international organisations gathered in Groningen for a capacity building course on ‘sustainable energy solutions’, jointly organised by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and New Energy Coalition.

The course aimed to enhance understanding among the participants of key topics related to energy transition and to contribute to building new capacities for promoting sustainable energy systems for climate resilient industries. The programme offered a dynamic mix of lecture-based and interactive sessions such as the WE Energy Game. The course was held at the Energy Academy building and at EnTranCe.

Lecturers from UNIDO, New Energy Coalition, Climate Technology Centre & Network, JIN Energy & Sustainability, Gasunie, Nouryon, Quintel and Hanze University of Applied Sciences provided participants with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with current and expected trends in sustainable energy solutions, as well as to reflect on practical, innovative and cost effective ways to address the issue of sustainability in the energy industry.

Work visits to the Eemshaven area and OMRIN waste recycling facilities complemented the intensive 5-day programme.

It was the third time that this course was organised in Groningen.


source: website New Energy Coalition