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Key to innovation

Northern Knowledge works on the optimum utilisation of knowledge. We make knowledge from the northern knowledge institutions accessible and create connections between researchers, companies, governments, interest groups and knowledge clusters. In doing so, we want to maximise the value of science for society. Because knowledge is the key to innovation.

About us
A glimpse into the future of the production sector
How do we get more donor organs? Organ Assist significantly improve their condition
SeaQurrent developed advanced underwater kite
In the Northern Netherlands, there is a lot of substantive knowledge relating to blockchain, big data and cyber security, and parties within the IT sector work together closely.
Vlucht Voorwaarts and the Municipality of Assen adopt an integrated approach to the integration of status holders
Innovative test method for prosthetic material
In the Northern Netherlands, doctors, healthcare providers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, administrators, researchers and insurers work closely together for more healthy years.
A sustainable, clean and healthy world. This is what knowledge institutes, companies and governments in the Northern Netherlands wish to contribute to with the development of a 'biobased economy'.
Pain control without side effects through a serious game
In Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, governments, companies, knowledge institutions and interest groups are working together intensively to lead the way in the energy transition.