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Ocean Energy for a Sustainable Future

February 11th, 2019,  Prof. Jouke de Vries, president of the Board of the the University of Groningen, Mr. Wout Prins and Dr. Frits Bliek on behalf of the Ocean Grazer B.V. signed a license agreement covering two Ocean Grazer patent (applications). The Ocean Grazer harvests renewable energy from sea waves, integrating wind and other clean […]

Soft drink flavour from micro-organism

Dijkshoorn set up her own company EV Biotech this summer, together with two co-founders. EV Biotech has developed a new production platform to produce high-quality molecules. The young entrepreneurs use computer models and micro-organisms for this purpose. The principle of synthesis is deceptively simple. Take soft drinks. Soft drinks usually get their colour and flavour […]

HempFlax zooms in on hemp with students

HempFlax aims high when it comes to the company’s mission: which global problems can we solve by using hemp products in daily life? It is the yardstick which the company measures its own activities against, and the question that provides inspiration. The company cultivates hemp in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania on fields of 2600 […]

Technology brings hospital to the street

Quicker assessment of what’s going on, being able to receive good advice immediately, direct consultation. The benefits of the technology which Ambulancezorg Groningen is working on are clear. The organisation is experimenting with glasses that feature a camera, a screen and a telephone – specifically developed for paramedics. “A national survey shows that one in […]

BioBTX builds working time machine

Sparkling and shining, this unique machine has been running in Groningen since the summer. At one end, raw materials are entered that would otherwise be used much less efficiently. Currently this is glycerine, a waste product from the production of biodiesel. Coming out at the other end are crude benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX), valuable […]

The value of grass

‘Mowing is necessary for maintaining and developing grassland vegetation,’ explains Rieks van der Wal B.Eng., head of the Forestry Commission Groningen: ‘Grass that is not mown develops into forest formation and affects the unique vegetation that we as nature conservationists would like to keep.’ A waste problem that will only increase in the future, Van […]


Barn Talk | Yvo de Boer: Vermijden van gevaarlijke klimaatverandering

Waarom een ogenschijnlijke no-brainer zo’n worsteling blijkt te zijn

VentureClass Hempflax

In this VentureClass Eelkje Oldenburger, Managing Director, will talk about Hempflax, but also the changes that come with the transition from startup to bigger established company.

Onderwijs, overheid en bedrijfsleven slaan handen ineen voor cybersecurity

Provincie Groningen, de noordelijke onderwijs- en kennisinstellingen en bedrijven starten met het programma Cybersecurity Noord-Nederland een nieuwe samenwerking. Het programma heeft als doel het bedrijfsleven beter te helpen beschermen tegen cyber-aanvallen, de samenleving veiliger te maken, innovatie te bevorderen en werkgelegenheid te creëren. Het programma gaat vier jaar duren, kost ruim 6 miljoen euro en […]