Towards a flexible mode of production
Primary schools and university working together on development op SterkWerk program
Smarter use of energy for energy savings
Image recognition to improve diagnosis
How do we get more donor organs? Organ Assist significantly improve their condition
Knowledge is the key to innovation
Playing a game behind bars
The green hydrogen economy is rapidly taking shape in the North
Windmills increase their efficiency by 25 percent
Innovative test method for prosthetic material
SeaQurrent developed advanced underwater kite
Pain control without side effects through a serious game
Ocean Grazer devised an ingenious system for harvesting and storing wave energy
Innovative therapie method helps children get rid of their anxiety
Vlucht Voorwaarts and the Municipality of Assen adopt an integrated approach to the integration of status holders
Start-up provides more comfort for patients
Project Groeningen looks at how protecting and using the wetlands around Groningen goes hand in hand
SME Marne involves consumers better in product development
Dutch Forestry Commission and Hanze UAS work together on finding a destination for mowed grass
Hempflax works on innovative and sustainable products from hemp
Medical specialists who view live-stream footage of paramedics
EV Biotech uses bacteria for a sustainable production process with low CO2 footprint
Bio BTX contributes to greening the chemical industry